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I made it to my retirement years and ended up with a lot of aches and pains from a few injuries, some more severe than others. I tried all kinds of pain meds and all kinds of remedies, even surgery, then "I just gave up".  I was skeptical about acupuncture but my first visit was unbelievable, it was the first time in years I felt relief from my pains. Nicole Anderson and Jessica Piazza have been treating me for a couple of months. My life has been changed both mentally and physically. If your body is out of tune and you have chronic pain as I did, do yourself a favor, try acupuncture!

Nicole and Jessica thank you so much for helping me! -G.H.

I have been working with Jessica for the past 9 months. I have found her to be genuine, compassionate, and to have a sweet presence and essence, that puts me at ease and nurtures my trust in her abilities and care. Her intuitive healing skills guide her to do just the right thing at the right time. Initially, I have seen her for knee pain and blood pressure issues. These issues resolved in a few weeks.

She uses a variety of Chinese medicine methods. I have been treated with acupuncture, moxa, herbs, tuina by her.  I also continued to see her for hormonal and digestive issues, that have been continually improving a great deal in the past few months. What I appreciate as well about Jessica is that she will direct her patients to other health care providers if she feels that it is the best next step, as her main concern is that the person under her care receives the best method of healing and care needed at that time.

- With gratitude, E.M.

For more than the past year Jessica Piazza has been a member of a small ongoing group that I facilitate called Healing at the Edge. I was so impressed by Ms. Piazza that I have also come to see her in her capacity as a practitioner of Chinese Medicine several times for treatment. Jessica is wise beyond her years, very good with people, and has demonstrated in many ways her integrity, her kindness and her generosity. I have taught many thousands of people in my role as the Executive Director of the Living/Dying Project, and with all sincerity I give Jessica Piazza my highest recommendation for her character and her ability."

​Best Wishes, D. B.

When I first started seeing Nicole I had a lot of digestive issues with symptoms that did not easily "fit in the box". Nicole has worked tirelessly getting to the root of the problem, relieving my symptoms while staying focused on the big picture: true overall healing. She really listens, she is caring, and her treatments are very effective. Nicole has also made a few made dietary and herbal recommendations that were very effective. Her treatments have also helped with my anxiety! I am feeling so much better now and it's definitely because of the acupuncture.  

Thank you, Nicole! - SJ

Anyone who knows me will readily acknowledge that I am prone to hyperbole; however, I only use it under two circumstances. The first is in the service of irony and humor. The second is when it is rightfully deserved. In the case of this testimonial, you may rest assured that it is the second circumstance to which I apply my effusive, yet genuine, praise of Nicole Anderson as a brilliant, intuitive, and gifted practitioner of acupuncture. I have worked with Nicole for several months and have found her sensibilities regarding and commitment to her craft to be strikingly effective. Nicole has researched specific concerns of mine, laughed with me over the human condition, helped me resolve a highly persistent cough, and invoked an acupuncture protocol for the anxiety generated from the need to initiate a difficult conversation with one’s mother. This alone might be enough to cause a well-deserved stampede to her door, but there is, indeed, more. She has an affect of the most calming sort. It is not an overstatement to say that her cheerful countenance, curious gaze, respectful inquiry of ailments, and the consistency with which she offers such things to all the clients in her care is beyond description, though I have done my very best to provide one. I recommend her work unreservedly and am quite certain that anyone fortunate enough to find themselves in her care will leave feeling better within their bodies, about themselves generally, and about the wider world around them.

- BG